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"Rainbow Oracle" The 72 Story


Update March 2023


IP is in development: Picture and testimonial book of participants interviewed is in process of edit  and design. 


Material as developed will be used in development of Screen play for a feature film and packaging for a streaming episodic limited series.

This re-enactment Feature of 1972 events are to co-create into an American Heritage Film with real footage. 

Narrative but with actors to portray the real life actions, characters and time period of 1968-1972, then 1977 when Grandfather David came, and then skip thru the years with narrative growth , influence, etc.. onto present day. 

Feature film: development of packaging and investor interest.


American Rainbow Collective Historical Society is the concept to form a collaborative agency possibly with Woodstock Museum in Woodstock New York. So agency would be start up financed thru this project to help collective materials in art, music, literature  from the last 50+ years

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