We Are Rainbow


In Research and Development.


This is the 1st step to bring more into circle of the film project.

This re-enactment Feature of 1972 events are to co-create into an American Heritage Film with real footage. 

Narrative but with actors to portray the real life actions, characters and time period of 1968-1972, then 1977 when Grandfather David came, and then skip thru the years with narrative growth , influence, etc.. onto present day post of 2017. I hope to influence the financial backing of this project by 2017-2018 and start pre-production in Colorado and film thru out year and be ready for Limited theater release November 2018-2020

Feature films, raising $, post production then release is a timely work and goal is to do it professionally . 

2017 is the year to spread word for Research and Development, obtain 1972 accounts, statements via video and written. Volunteers and interns are needed for this, a R n D manager and someone able to communicate properly via social media and emails. We need volunteer film crews and all this material can be used and held for Future Rainbow Culture Center/ Rainbow Hipstory Museum/ Rainbow Family Historical Foundation.