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Lioness of the Mountains

Narrative Feature or Limited Series

Update 2023:

Log Line:

Female War veteran discovers her true heritage that starts a journey of discovery to a land in the midst of brutal war. 


A US female veteran awakens to her past of her unknown heritage taking her on a discovery journey to a far off land of Kurdistan. Leading her into the lands of turmoil & war to save her sister & defend her new peoples honor.


A former Special Operations CST ( Civil Support team ) Officer with tours in Afghanistan, discovers back in her US tribal homeland that her supposed deceased father is Kurdish and alive in Canada. She journeys to meet her new family of sisters that are refugee's of a land and culture she never knew she was a part of. 

Staged at the beginning of the ISIS/Islamic State war that over takes parts of Syria and Iraq, her younger step sister disappears after her ancestral land is over taken and family members are missing. She decides to go after her by traveling to Northern Iraq known as the Kurdistan Region and a is directed to Rojave which is considered Western Kurdistan or Northern Syria. 

In this journey she discovers the conflict, the horrors and the people that come globally to fight along side the Kurdish Peshmerga and Militias that unite to free a region of a terrorist entity  that unexpectedly thru global powers array.


Back Story that influenced this project


The year is 2014, ISIL, ISIS, “Islamic State cinematographer Daesh was known by the local opponents starts a massive campaign to overtake Iraq Security Forces in the Eastern part of Iraq. Taking advantage of the insecurity of the Syrian Civil War, “Daesh” takes control of large parcels of land and military weaponry and money from Iraq and commits horrific genocidal massacres of Iraq soldiers, recruits, mainly Shia Muslims and another non-Sunni Muslims sects or peoples. Christian, Yezidi, Kurdish, Shia Arabs and anyone not in their favour are executed or pushed out of their ancestral lands and towns into desolate. The Rise of ISIS or Islamic State Caliphate has begun.


As a Veteran, I have been inspired to honor these people that I first heard of in the 1st Gulf War. the war I was recalled into active duty right when I had gotten out of the service. I just completed over 3 years of service and was starting college and bam, the Gulf conflict began in Fall 1990. I was recalled in December 1990 and was in re-training and on way to campaign when the war ended after the 3rd day of ground operations. Immediate rise up of the Shia and Kurdish peoples was taken advantage when US and Coalition forces allowed Saddam to strike back with his attack helicopters and the Kurds went packing to Turkey. 1 Million refugee's later a humanitarian crisis manifested.  The US was pressured to start a no-fly zone but Saddam kept power and committed more atrocities against his people. 


The year  2014 came around when I was in film school and I was feeling that call to help the people of Kurdistan. I could go and fight or I could write and film. I choose the latter with my responsibility as a father and with the constant interest of friends and associates I have now decided to share the vision of this next journey. I must take a journey to Kurdistan and meet its people and discover the culture I have read and seek to help in its rebirth. The influences of an ancient people and to learn their struggle and see the women of the YPJ of the Syrian Kurdish Women's Defense forces and Peshmerga's. Mainly also thru the eyes of an American woman named Samantha Jay who as an ex-army GI she helped me see the essence of the importance for women to be recognized in the plight of all people, women, and children especially. Her journey opened my eyes to meet and see these women and also that of other internationals that have gone and why they have done their journey. 


There is so much that has happened since 2014 in my life and that of the War against Daesh. So much has been lost and regained in its tragic but poetic way and I wish to see it and meet it and touch Kurdistan and honour the best I can safely. The politics as I have learned are mistrusting to each other and its people so I will be as equal to hear it and see it as the people are free to share. but understand the culture and the muse. 


The journey will start in the USA/Canada to meet those from that area of the world or those that have gone to its aid. Samm will journey to Europe to meet with Kurds, conscious Turks, Iranians and focus will be the hearts of the people and the colours of the life. We hope we can bring a 3rd person perspective and come to understand this mystic and unique people that have called my spirit maybe from an ancient lifetime. 


The story of this journey will show the culture and philosophies of the principles of freedom that draws others from around the world towards the aid and participation of the Kurdish plight and campaign against injustice in a world bent on enslaving and twisting the fate of women, minorities and those that don’t fall into the extremist view of an outdated Islamic view of life. 


 Womens Rights, freedom and tolerance for equality are the focal points of the story and how the world view is changing thru the actions of one of the most oppressed people of the Middle East that have no country yet deserve one. Kurdistan, the women and their heritage of resistance. 

Feature Logline:

She was a warrior for her country but became an awakened hero to her people

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