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 When I started this I was already an indy youtube  channel recording live shows and doing reports and had visions of creating a channel. As I moved away from small docu series on public tv and seek'd more professional digital training in the age of analog when transition was occuring to digital tape and hardrive storage. I had to convert my viewpoints towards future upgrades and started to attend digital and tech training programs in the last 10 years. I attended NAB show since 2017 and recently the 2023 show and SXSW in Austin Texas. Now that the Global pandemic has both delayed projects and given new insight on what viewership wants or attracted to. I am returning to the base level of achieving original development of IP's for feature to streamer series level projects. 

Starting with a grassroot visionary influence I see more and more that the technology and the community is more actively supportive as social media has allowed for various levels of indy short film formats that can support larger format from vlogs to Independent global OTT channels. Also the onslaught of blockchain technology and filtration of tokens and coins that are applicable and accepted by society as trhey show to be more stable in the de-centralized economic community. 

I see a vision to incorporate interactive marketing and rewarding of supportive participants through One Love Tv as it gets developed in the next decade or sooner. 

At his moment my #1 goal is to develop and greenlight my 1st commercial film/tv property and show the industry that we have capability. In doing so I am opening up to collaborations and partners that have experience in both areas as well with social media, blockchain and technology. 

I thought years ago I should learn how to do it all and with experience around those that had no education. Now that I have education I am now turning towards other innovator visionary filmpreneurs that are also upgrading with the times and as well looking for finance partners that want to create  a network that brings back Music Television, global indy productions, cultural films and extreme sport coverage. This is a constant changing vision as the times shows us that technology in Virtual and AI is giving us new avenues of prospective future content creation. 

One thing I learned recently is that 4K film technology, is that delivery process and availability is not fully available in all areas. I want to bring back delivery systems external to USB/Blueray disk for ownership of use in personal media libraries which would also include 6-8 k. 

If your interested in talking and brainstorming on creation of ONE LOVE TV Global. please reach out at

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